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Mason School of Business
The program attracts professionals who are motivated, self directed and able to combine the challenges of study with the commitment of their careers. Classes meet two weekends a month on Friday and Saturday and format includes domestic residency periods and an international trip. An MBA degree is awarded after 20 months of study and the program has a general management focus with some elective courses offered in the final semester. The faculty have been consistently ranked in the top five by The Princeton Review. MORE DETAILS

♦ % Program Name : Executive MBA Program

♦ Average Years Work: 14 (years)

♦ Accredited by: College of William and Mary

♦ Average Programme Duration: 20 (months)

♦ Average Total Tuition Fees: $79,500 (US Dollars)

♦ Total Alumni : 826

♦ Class Size : 33

♦ International Trip : Required

♦ Average Management Experience : 9 (years)

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